Prospek Indonesia


Other Portfolio


  • BETEVE, Electronic Tuser Social Media (Suspended)
  • E-Jurnal, Electronic Journal For SMK Sunan Drajat Teacher
  • APOTIK, Sales App For Apotik
  • BAYAR, Payment Aplication For School
  • Time Capture, Attendance Aplication For Student
  • PAS, Client Application for e-Xam Caraka
  • AJM , Free Electronic Journal Application
  • FGB, Local FGB Jatim Application
  • SANTRI, Violations Record Aplication
  • SISWA, Administration Aplication For Kesiswaan
  • KHS, Application to view and print KHS online
  • PPDBMA7 Online admission application for new students of MA7SUNDRA

In Progress

  • KLINIK, Administration Aplication For Klinik
  • TUSER, Electronic Tuser Social Media
  • KEMAHASISWAAN, Administration Aplication For Kemahasiswaan
  • Jurnale NextGen, Digital School App


PROSPEK Indonesia, we developed several applications

We also help several Campus, Schools and Islamic boarding schools (Pesantren) to develop their Web / Apps

We can build applications for desktop and mobile, we are experts in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Database, and a little bit JAVA

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